BP Bot

Convenient Recording

Record your blood pressure instantly with the touch of a button.

Intelligent Analysis

Uncover patterns and correlations in your blood pressure that only a robot could find.

Risk Factor Tracking*

Log factors that influence blood pressure with each recording and uncover potential connections between your habits and blood pressure recordings.

Heart Rate Recording*

Log your pulse with each recording with the tap of a button.

Never Forget a Recording Again

BP Bot can automatically remind you to take your blood pressure at a designated time.

iCloud Sync*

Record and view your blood pressure on all of your devices. Make your recording on your iPhone and watch it instantly appear on your iPad!

Health App Sync*

Import recordings from the Health App and Health App compatible blood pressure monitors. Additionally, upload all of your recordings to to the Health App.

Easy Exporting

Export your recordings to a .CSV file with the tap of a button.

Built for Privacy

All health information is stored on your device or Apple iCloud account and cannot be viewed or sold by us, ever.

Lights Out

Using your phone at night? Each screen has a customized Dark Mode version.

Accessible for Everyone

Built for VoiceOver, we take every measure possible to ensure that everyone can take control of their blood pressure with BP Bot.

Adaptive Fonts

Dynamic type support ensures that BP Bot looks great at small, medium, and large font sizes.

*Requires an active BP Bot Pro subscription